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The strange but true story of two websites.

They were in different markets, but both had the same design. look, sales copy, tech and were selling digital products for the same price.  And both websites received the same amount of traffic.

After 30 days, the first website generated $119, the other $50,000 in sales.

Why did one website outsell the other by a margin of 420 to 1?  It was the idea behind the product being sold.  One website had a really good product idea.  And the other one -not so hot... - but I didn't know that. 

IYep, I’m the guy who built and owned those websites…those were my products being sold…and they were my good (and not so good) ideas. 



The Biggest Reason For Your Success or Failure Online

Is the quality of your EXPERIENCE, and its Execution.

What to do when you don't know what to sell

and all your ideas suck.

Free Experience Kickstart Course
Free Video Kickstart Course
With our free Video Kickstart course, we make profiting from video easy for you. From equipment, to marketing, to making sales - we show you how to do it all step by step.
The best video camera is the one you have with you. And in this course you'll learn how to use your smartphone to shoot pro-quality videos for your business, no experience required.
How to make smartphone experiences
that dont suck
Steal my Experience secrets
Get unlimited access to my private "Rolodex" of time-saving, profit-making and traffic-generating tips, tricks and tips. You get 20 years of know-how at your fingertips.
ScreenRecording Experiences Jumpstart
Discover step by step how quickly and easily create gorgeous, pro-quality videos using the new Camtasia for both Windows and Mac. No skills or experience needed.
The Art of Being Prolific Are you a world-class procrastinator? Let us show you how to fix that and get more done in the next 30 days than most people do all year. Stop procrastinating, become prolific.
The art of being Experience Prolific
How to Storytell for Experiences on your Smartphone
The best video camera is the one you have with you. And in this course you'll learn how to use your smartphone to shoot pro-quality videos for your business, no experience required.
Longevity Marketing System
It's one thing to make money online. It's quite another to do it year after year. Discover the marketing techniques that not only work now, but are future proof too.
Six-Figure Web Video Secrets
The fastest, easiest and most goof-proof way to make money with video is by creating training courses. And here we show you exactly how we do it ourselves.
Video Ad  ExperienceMastery
Forget Google Adwords. Forget SEO. If you want an endless stream of cheap, targeted traffic then video ads are the way to go. And here you'll learn exactly how to do them.
YouTube Mastery
Tired of uploading videos to YouTube and getting almost no views and subscribers? You're doing it wrong. But there's an easy formula that will fix it. Let us show you how to use it.
Kaizen Copywriting System
Most copywriting training is based on principles from 50 years ago. That stuff doesn't work on the Internet today. Let us show you how to write killer copy for the web, step by step.
Stop Motion Experience Hero
Apple, Amazon, Toyota, Target and Lowes have all used stop motion videos to market their products. Why? Because they work insanely well. And now you can easily make them too.
Video SEO Made Easy
What makes one video outrank a nearly identical video? Why does Google only show certain videos in search results? The answer is video SEO. And here's how to do it right.
Instagram Visual Experience Marketing
A self-proclaimed business idiot makes $15,000 in 24 hours on Instagram, by accident. But you don't need dumb luck. In this course you'll learn to use the power of Instagram on purpose.
The ExperienceMentor Academy
The fastest way to achieve anything is to have a mentor who has already done it help you along the way. This is your chance to have us mentor you, one-on-one, to achieve your online goals.

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